View to the sky/ Where the eagles live



Good architecture is moving. It's right and it feels good. It is generated in an area of tension between analysis and emotion. An analysis that x-rays a program and poses questions, analysing the place and the surrounding conditions. An emotion arising from the experiences of many built and unbuilt projects expressed in first sketches. Architecture is public concerning us all. Good architecture creates spaces and possibilities for generations in big as well as in smale scale, it is reflecting the place and is bound to it. Architecture is not a picture to fix on the wall. As architects we are aware of the responsibility towards our environment. Good architecture lives from an additional value beyond functional and monetary cretarias. Architecture is always a statement. Architecture arises in a process and in teamwork, you cannot do it, it can only suceed. To live up to this expectations there are among the classical consultants for statics, acoustics, building-physics and HVACR also coaches and specialists in geomancy, feng-shui and sustainibility involved.